What Do You Do When You Reach The Top Of The Mountain?

Originally published on 31 Oct 2019 / Mark Podolsky / The LandGeek

Glenn Geller is super savvy when it comes to tech and innovation, having created some amazing businesses and technology that we all know and use. Today he talks about his newest piece of technology, Symposium.

Symposium is a live broadcasting marketplace that essentially gives anyone in the world a pay-per-view style channel that they can make money from anywhere. Mark describes it as a mix of EventBright and Zoom and Glenn throws in a few more components like Google calendars and third-party payment solutions, like Stripe.

You might recognize some of his other brainchildren:

  • The prepaid debit card
  • Tap to pay
  • Internet kiosks and other self-service touchscreen devices like the ones you find at hotels

To listen in to this interesting conversation as Glenn tells us how he went from creating a show control program for the theater to creating some of the world’s most used technology click here.