Symposium Unveiled: The Entrepreneur and Side Hustler’s Answer To Monetization in 2020

Originally published in Feb of 2020  / Michael Dinich / Your Money Geek

What if I could show you an app that had the potential to connect you with your audience,  while helping you make more money, and you could do it all from your phone?

Sound too good to be true?

Keep reading to see why I feel the Symposium App is an excellent opportunity for bloggers, influencers, business owners, and anyone else looking to make money online.

Welcome to the Symposium App

Note: this is a non-sponsored objective review.

What is Symposium?

Symposium is a worldwide marketplace that connects people – business professionals, celebrities, athletes, fitness coaches, social media trendsetters, and many more users by way of scheduled video chats, voice chats and live pay-per-view broadcasts.

Essentially, Symposium provides the opportunity for anyone to monetize their expertise.

Sellers of services simply use the free app by downloading it from the Apple App Store, Google Play, or launched via the Symposium web app at Consumers wanting services likewise can quickly connect with influencers, celebrities, and experts in virtually any profession or area of interest.

Sellers can set up a listing about their event simply and easily by entering in a brief description of their service, their available times, and the duration. Services may fall into one of three categories:

    1. SymTalk – This is a one-to-one scheduled video chat session with a buyer of a service, which could include consulting, tutoring, or a meet-and-greet.


    1. SymCast – A scheduled one-to-many LIVE streaming session that allows the sharer to broadcast to a broad audience. This pay-per-view style stream is perfect for live performances, makeup tutorials, youth sports, and fundraising where attendance is limited by travel, time, or space constraints.


  1. SymGram – This feature enables one to offer a personalized video message in the form of a birthday greeting, graduation congratulation, or well wishes to friends and families. Influencers such as entertainers, sports figures, CEOs, or politicians would find this feature to be an excellent form of new social media.

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