The Virtual Solution for Knowledge-Based Workers

Check it out, Consultants! This is your secretary, IT team, and marketing agency All-In-One!  Automate payments, schedule appointments without lifting a phone or a finger, manage correspondence on just one platform, automatically notify customers of schedule changes, and easily promote your services nationally and internationally to reach a brand new customer base.

Get started in just a few easy steps.



List Your Services

Symposium is a new kind of marketplace that’s perfect for consultants, where Live Video and Audio Calls and Casts are packaged and sold as products ready for sale on the web.

Title your consulting service, pick a price, decide whether you want to sell a recording of it for an extra fee of your choice, choose your availability, and your listing will be discovered and booked!

Link Up With the World

Reach a client base you could never reach before! Unique links and embed codes are provided for your Profile and each of your Listings so you can grow and monetize your web presence.

Once you add links to your Symposium listings in your email signatures, social media profiles, and any new content you create, you’ll never miss an opportunity to grow your business!

Get Booked

New clients far and wide will find your links to your listings and book your services. Before you know It, your schedule will be full, you’ll be making money, and you’ll find yourself addicted to promoting.

The best and brightest rise to the tops of their categories!

Show Up

Get email and push notification reminders to help keep you on schedule. When you’re notified, just open the app or login to the website and join the Call or Cast.

Don’t worry, no one can waste your time! Clients who cancel late within 24 hours of a booking still have to pay as long as you show up.

Get Paid

It’s free to list your services, so you have nothing to lose. After you sell and complete your Calls, Casts, and Tailor-Made Messages, your payment goes straight to your debit card. Symposium only keeps 20% of whatever price you chose. On top of your normal fee, you can accept tips and sell optional recordings of your consultations.

All your payments are handled by Stripe, so your info and money are completely safe!


Offer Your Services With These Smart Options


These are one-on-one conversations that you offer and sell at your own price, on your own schedule.


Create them to sell admission to live broadcasts such as conferences or your own pay-per-view events.


These are special order telegram-style messages or performances that you tailor-make for each customer. 

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