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APP Features


Participate in or host a one to one meeting. Directly connect with another user and share information with this exclusive, one-on-one meeting type


Participate in or host a worldwide broadcast with a few, or thousands of participants. Whether it's for Entertainment, Education, or Business, this feature allows you to connect to your community in a new way.


Request a personalized recorded video message from your favorite celebrity or notable figure. Perfect for birthdays, graduations or any occasion.

Verified Users

Want to get access to skilled professionals? Symposium offers you selected verified profiles ensuring you get exactly what you are looking for. Real people, with real experience.

Event Reminders

Get notified of your upcoming schedule with push notifications. Symposium reminds you so you don’t miss a thing!

Booking on Symposium

In a moment, find and book the time you want to attend and add it to your calendar with ease. Just choose the meeting, select a date and time, then book it, and you’re done! We'll even remind you when it's time to meet.

Pay Per Attendance

Pay only for the time you spend in a meeting with a live host. Need more time? Extend a meeting to allow for more time, and tip if you're happy with the service! Payments are secured and fully encrypted with fraud protection.

Social Friendly

Link your Symposium account with Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or LinkedIn for easy login/signup and exclusive social sharing features.

Symposium Security

Your security is important to us. We employ state of the art technology to secure your private information, ensuring that our users can connect with confidence.

What Is Symposium?

Symposium is a worldwide marketplace providing unprecedented access to business professionals, celebrities, athletes, social media trendsetters, and many more by connecting users via scheduled video chat and live pay-per-view broadcasts. With categories ranging from Consulting and Lessons to Nutrition and Tutoring, the topics are endless, and it’s easy to schedule and meet about anything you’d like.
Host or attend live chats and broadcasts and exchange personalized recordings using Live video chat and voice communication. Create your Personalized Offer with access to you, on your schedule, for your price. Use Symposium at home, in the office, and on the go, and bypass the traffic, crowds, and waiting rooms using a secure system designed to make your life easier.
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