Quickly add your Symposium Profile to your Instagram Bio

Here’s how to share your unique link to your Symposium Profile on Instagram, and make your offers permanently available to your followers!

Sharing your link is only a few clicks away. First, Log In to Symposium and Open your profile.

Next Tap the Share icon.

Once you’ve copied your link, go to your Instagram Profile Page and Tap on Edit Profile.

Share Icon

Then, Copy the link.

Finally, Paste the link in the website section of your profile information.

Press Submit and that’s it. You’re done!

Do you have a specific offer you’d like to share? Click on your favorite Symposium offer, then follow the steps above. It’s easy!

When you’re done done linking yourself to your followers, save an image below and post it on Instagram so everyone knows where to find you.

Do you have more than one link you’d like to put on your profile? Here’s a video that shows you how!