Symposium is a Las Vegas Tech Company

Symposium is the hottest business tool for experts, professionals and influencers who want to schedule, teach, entertain and earn with ease! Through our easy-to-use video interface, we help you get paid for your time and knowledge all in one platform. Whether you’re a singer, writer, athlete, business person, chef, or expert of any kind, we can help you entertain, educate and inspire a worldwide audience by taking the pain points out of marketing, scheduling, and getting paid for your time!

Our Mission

Our Mission at Symposium is to take the hassle out of learning and earning through live and canned video. If you've got a skill to share or want to learn one, we're the nonsense-free place to be!

Our Vision

Symposium’s mission is seeing that everyone has access to knowledge without distance, time, or money being a barrier and the freedom to share knowledge with others in a profitable manner.

Based in Las Vegas, NV

We are currently based in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Our Plans

We aspire to reach everybody with our platform.

Making Big Waves

Symposium first started off as a concept back in 2017 and was soon brought to life by our founding team. Since then, Symposium is a success.

Disrupting the Industry

Monetizing time is now easier than what's previously imagined!

Educate, Entertain, and Inspire

Leaders can come together to spread knowledge and entertainment effectively.

Reputation Matters

Convert your following into a new income stream and build trust.

Our Users Say

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